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As you may have guessed by the many hints we have dropped, FC-Datalogit was developed and is made in New Zealand. This could have been a problem for product support as most of the people who have purchased the FC-Datalogit system live in the other hemisphere mainly in the USA, Europe or Japan. To solve this problem we have started a couple of eGroups.

Why do we use an eGroup instead of just putting it all on a web site?

  • Members can download the latest version of the FC-Edit software
  • The group e-mail only goes to people that are really interested in the product
  • Members can remove themselves from the group. Easy maintenance
  • Members must agree to certain conditions before we let them in the group. This allows us some freedom in what we post to the group
  • It allows us to have interactive features like the poll function
  • It’s a extremely easy way for us to manage many e-mail addresses. The FC-Datalogit staff can e-mail all the members without having to keep a personal and accurate list of who’s current or new. Cuts down on spam
  • Members can reply directly to mail from the e-group and know that all the FC-Datalogit staff will get the message
  • We don’t need passwords for members
  • Our dealers from around the world are on the group too. If N.Z is asleep FC-Datalogit staff in another country will be awake to answer your question


When you purchase FC-Datalogit directly from our Web site it will automatically be registered and you will be invited to one of the FC-Datalogit user eGroups.

If you purchase from one of our dealers you must email us to register the product. Contact FC-Datalogit

Membership is of course voluntary. If you purchased FC-Datalogit from a dealer and want to be invited to the eGroup, let us know. Contact FC-Datalogit

We will require the following to register

  • Serial number on the FC-Box:
  • Where it was purchased:
  • When it was purchased:
  • What type of car you use it on most:
  • The email address you would like to use on the user group:

FC-Datalogit Registered user benefits

  • FC-Edit is regularly updated and the latest version is kept on the appropriate eGroup
  • News of new releases are sent via e-mail to the appropriate e-group and the eGroup sends the e-mail out to all the members of the group
  • If a member has a question, they just send a reply e-mail to the e-group address
  • Members are encouraged to help each other. The more you put in the more you get out.
  • Members are encouraged to send feedback about the function of FC-Edit to the group.
  • FC-Edit is regularly updated to incorporate ideas from the group and to improve it’s performance
  • Members can store and share their setting data with other members by uploading them to the group database
  • Members can remove themselves from the group
  • Our dealers from around the world are on the groups too
  • If N.Z is asleep FC-Datalogit staff in another country will be awake to answer your question
  • Replacement Media. (The installation CD with FC-Edit and the manual) are only available to registered owners
  • Hardware/Software support is only available to registered users

If you purchase a USED FC-Datalogit you can register it and join the user group.  For more information please visit our USED Register Page here. Click here