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Q: How much do I need to add for delivery charges?

A: Please click the Buy Now button on the PRICING page and enter your shipping address to calculate delivery charges to your country.

Q: How do you ship products?

A: We select the best service to suit your destination these include DHL, EMS & Airmail. As you know freight can be expensive and we work to keep a cost-effective option delivering to you in a timely manner.

Q: When you ship my product can you please write the value down for Customs/Import Duty?

A: I'm sorry we are not able to write a value down as it’s against the law and will void our insurance.

Q: When I go to place my order you ask for my car type - Does this mean I can only use it on that type of car?

A: No you can you can use a FC-Datalogit on all Power FC’s the question is just for statistics.

Q: If I place an order for a FC-Datalogit tomorrow how long will it take to arrive?

A: We ship out orders once a week and delivery times var from 2-10 working days.

Q: I see you have to register the software to a number on the Power FC can I get a general number or do you have something special for tuners?

A: No – The FC-Datalogit unit has a serial number that is registered its not related to the Power FC.

Q: How much is a FC-Datalogit kit and where can I purchase if from?

A: You can purchase from our website just click on Pricing.

Q: Is there Antilag on FC-Datalogit?

A: No, it has been removed. We suggest you buy a specialized stand alone antilag unit.

Q: My new Laptop doesn't have a serial port but it does have 2 USB ports. How do I connect the FC-Box to a USB port?

A: There are two options available when you purchase FC-Datalogit Serial & USB. The USB type is supplied with a Serial to USB adapter (Converter). One end of the adapter has a serial plug which you connect to the serial port on the FC-Box and the other end has a USB plug which you plug to the USB port on your computer (Laptop or PC).

Q: I have purchased used SR-20 FC-Datalogit and it is great but will it work on a Supra?

A: If you have the new Black Box FC-Datalogit this will work with all version of Power FC including all AP Engineering versions. In the unlikely event that your version of Power FC hasn't been developed yet you will be prompted to scan your Power FC and you simply email the scan file to us and we will update the software for your version – this process generally takes 24-48 hours from receiving the scan. Once the software is updated a new version is uploaded to the user groups. If you have a beige Type A or B FC-Datalogit, (the older discontinued versions), these are only compatible with the Power FC version they were purchased for. Please contact us to upgrade to the new Black Box version.

Q: My GTR FC-Datalogit doesn't have a fan temperature setting like the Fan vs. Water temp setting in the RX7 FC-Datalogit on Setting 3 tab. Will you make the fans setting for GTR FC-Datalogit?

A: Unfortunately the GTR Power FC doesn't expose the fan temperature setting so therefore FC-Datalogit only access settings that are exposed by the Power FC. Some Power FCs do and some don't FC-Datalogit can only access it if it is built in to the Power FC.

Q: Do you make FC-Datalogit for my Porsche?

A: We will if A'PEXi make a Power FC for it.

Q: I’m from Germany and I own a Nissan S14 Silvia Sr20det where do I get a FC-Datalogit here?? Directly from your shop?

A: If we don't have a dealer in you country listed Here then you can buy from another dealer in another country or from our website.

Q: I'm purchasing a 2005 model A'PEXi Power FC for my r33 sII rb25det... I'd like to purchase this software and converter. Which version of the FC-Datalogit software would I purchase to comply with the 2005 model Power FC?

A: Our Current Model of FC-Datalogit will work with all version of Power FC which includes all AP Engineering versions. If your version of Power FC hasn't been scanned before you will need to simply email us a scan taken by the software and we will update the software for your version – this process generally takes 24-48 hours from receiving the scan.