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How to register a used FC-Datalogit?

*Registered owners, new or used, are granted access to a user e-group, free software updates and discounts on other products.

And if you sell it your FC-Datalogit, it will be easier for us to register the new owner.

These benefits are for registered owners on FC-Datalogit only. Selling your FC-Datalogit forfeits all benefits.

We will require the following information to Register.


    There are some conditions that must be met. If they are not met we will refund your payment:

    • If the unit was registered by the previous owner we will contact them and check they they have sold it. If they say ‘no’ then we won’t register it. THIS CAN TAKE SOME TIME IF THE REGISTERED OWNER DOESN’T WISH TO REPLY TO OUR EMAIL.
    • If the serial number is missing or unreadable we won’t register it. (But, if you have the name or e-mail address of the previous owner and they registered it we will probably be able to determine what the serial number was. In which case we will register the unit after we verify that they sold it to you)
    • Don’t buy a used FC-Datalogit if the serial number is missing! It is probably STOLEN and we will not register it!
    • Don’t try to register an FC-Datalogit that has no serial number on it. There are some stolen units out there and we will assume you stole it or received it from someone that stole it.